About Us

Roedy Black Music (Roedy Black Publishing Inc.) was established in Vancouver, Canada, in 1987, by Wayne Chase and Anna Hudson. The company’s aim was to create attractive, primarily visual music reference tools that any musician, songwriter, or music student could use every day to advance their skills and knowledge—whether they could read music notation or not (most musicians don’t read notation).

The first two Roedy Black visual tools made available were the Complete Guitar Chord Poster and the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster, both of which have been revised several times since their creation, as have other Roedy Black titles.

Today, the mission of the Roedy Black team remains the same as it was when the adventure began: to create and make available “useful, unique music learning and reference tools” for songwriters, performers, music students and music teachers. We are passionate about providing the best information available to songwriters and instrumental musicians. We welcome feedback about musicians’ and songwriters’ experiences with our offerings, and ideas for improving or adding to the Roedy Black line of music learning and reference tools.

Apart from the founders, some of the individuals who have contributed significantly to Roedy Black’s creations over the years include:

Bettina Lewis, artist
Tom Quine, designer
Irene Ha, artist
Alexander Oblap, artist and designer
Bilal Ahsan, designer
Pratibha Sani, eBook conversion specialist
Ganga Devi, designer
Antorni (Antonio Preciado), electronic music specialist, designer, and coding guru


Roedy Black Music
204 - 4416 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6R 2H9
Toll-free (USA and Canada): 1-888-228-8181