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If your guitar-player friend or lover or relative needs to class up a practice space, here's a colorful...useful item for the wall. It's a large, full-color poster that contains—yes, you heard it here—a chart of every chord on the guitar....This clever poster is beautiful, plus it does things like color-coding the chords in a particular key, so it can be used for transposition....It's useful in place of looking up a chord in a chord dictionary, and I don't doubt it will be useful in instructional a way to see the forest and the individual trees. This tubed color poster will nag you into learning and experimenting with chords.
—Dan Crary, Frets Magazine ("Recommended Gifts for Guitar Players"),

I just bought the Complete Guitar Chord Poster on PDF. It is a fabulous visualization tool, well done. Edward Tufte would be proud.
—Steven Lekousi, Harvard University

Over the years, I have received numerous music-related gifts of one kind or another, but this great chart ranks right up there at the top. It's simply wonderful.
—Christie Slavin, Portland, OR

The best part of the guitar chord chart is the chord progressions ... it really helps with my songwriting.
—Bill Stern, Killeen, TX

For me, I like being able to skip from playing a pretty easy chord like a minor 7th, than zipping over to an 11th or 13th without losing track of what I'm doing. You can't do that with a chord book, but you sure can with the [Complete Guitar Chord] chart!"
—Francine Perreault, Montreal, PQ
These charts are fantastic. I don't read music, so I use the [Complete Guitar Chord] poster like it's my guitar 'Bible.' Good thing it's laminated ... I even roll it up and take it to band practices.
—C. L. Hunt, Paterson, NJ

I used to use a chord book but could never make much sense of how chords work. So this poster is a godsend, it's magnificent. Thanks!
—C. Matthewson, Ogdensburg, NY

When I first saw this [Complete Guitar Chord] poster, I just burst out laughing. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. All those chords, all together like that, and so ingeniously organized, it's just stunning. I bought three of them ... for me and the others in the band. Somebody came up with a truly brilliant idea here.
—Alexis Hill, London, England
I've made incredible breakthroughs with my playing—for me at least—since my girlfriend got me the Complete Guitar Chord Poster ... I play with way more confidence now.
—E. Doug Harris, Dartmouth, NS

My Dad got me the guitar chord poster for Christmas. When I first saw it, I kind of thought, wow! it's kind of overwhelming, because I was just a beginner. But now that I've been using it for almost six months, I'm making so much progress that I've started writing my own songs. I showed [the poster] to my guitar teacher and she got one for herself.
—Marnie McCallum, Jackson, TN
I'm 50 years old and I'm finally becoming a real proficient guitar player with this poster ... The other band members can't believe it!
—John Suggitt, Kamloops, BC
I've played guitar for 10 years and didn't realize how the chords I was playing relate to each other. Well, this [Complete Guitar Chord] poster makes the whole thing clear as a bell.
—P. H. Schroeder, Stockton, CA
It's nice to see some theory here. I know you people probably aim your charts at players that don't read much music, but there's stuff here that I can use. I'm getting more interested in the whole music-reading thing.
—Barry C. O'Connor, Manchester, England
I've never wanted anything to do with reading music. I can't be bothered. This [Complete Guitar Chord] poster is all I need ... You can play anything with it, even the impossible chords.
—W. Lei, Vancouver, BC
I play and teach mostly jazz. My wife bought me the Guitar Chord Poster and it looks so attractive and colorful that I had it framed and hung it in my office.
—Rob Blanco, New York, NY
I've never had a guitar lesson, completely self-taught. With this chart, I don't think I'll need any lessons, either. It has pretty much everything you need.
—Klaus Dietrich, Bonn, Germany

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