The free versions listed below are identical to the paid versions, except that the free versions have "SAMPLE" watermarks.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're using a phone or tablet, choose the "Mobile" version. The other files may be too large to open on a mobile device; they are designed for laptop or desktop computers.


 Item S-109: Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster- FREE VERSION
Since this is actually a laminated wall chart, we can't provide a print sample, but this PDF shows you what it looks like. Zoom in to see it up close. DOWNLOAD

 Item S-110: Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster, PDF High-Res - FREE VERSION
PDF high resolution, for laptop & desktop computers. This large PDF might not open on a mobile device (but then again, it might!). DOWNLOAD

 Item S-110: Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster, PDF Mobile - FREE VERSION
PDF for mobile devices. (Item S-110 is comprised of two PDF files, a high-resolution file, above, and this mobile version.) DOWNLOAD

 Item S-112: Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster in Printable eBook Format, 2nd Edition - FREE VERSION
Printable PDF eBook. DOWNLOAD
NOTE: This is a large file (93 MB) but worth the wait.

USER GUIDE - Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster. DOWNLOAD