KEYBOARD / PIANO CHORDS: E-Posters & E-Book, Free Versions

The free downloads below (e-posters and e-book) are identical to the paid versions, except that the free versions have "SAMPLE" watermarks.

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, please note that not all browsers open PDF images in high resolution. The best are Google Chrome and Apple Safari, followed by Firefox. The worst is Microsoft Edge.

Our e-posters and e-books are comprised of large images. So, before downloading them, please take a minute to read this:

How to Open Large PDF Images on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Okay. Now for the free PDFs:

 USER GUIDE: Complete Keyboard Chord Poster - DOWNLOAD

 Item S-105: Complete Keyboard Chord Poster, High-Resolution - DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION
This is actually a laminated wall chart, so we can't provide a print sample. But this PDF shows you what it looks like. Zoom in to see it up close.

 Item S-106: Complete Keyboard Chord Poster, PDF High-Resolution - DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION
PDF high resolution, for laptop & desktop computers. Zoom in to see it up close.

 Item S-106: Complete Keyboard Chord Poster, PDF Mobile - DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION
PDF for mobile devices. (Item S-106 is comprised of two PDF files, a high-resolution file, above, and this mobile version.) Zoom in to see it up close.

 Item S-108: Complete Keyboard Chord Poster in Printable eBook Format, 2nd Edition - DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION (248 MB - may take a few minutes to download)
Printable PDF eBook.