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Once you have a close look at the clever way it's structured, the Musical Instruments Poster has a lot more practical information on it than first meets the eye. Wayne Chase has done a superb job of displaying intelligent and instructive material ... yet the whole effect is entertaining.
—Bill Tully, Preston, ID

[Wayne Chase] has picked all the right information to put on these posters ... I find all of them very practical, both for me and the music classes I teach at night school. Especially the Musical Instruments Poster.
—Charles Noga, Scarborough, ON

The members of my choir find the Musical Instruments Poster most helpful. They have a better understanding of where their individual voices fit into the sound of the whole choir.
—Jose Amado, Fresno, CA

The Musical Instruments Poster is a particularly effective in inspiring the imagination of my students, some of whom thought they had no music in them. It has sparked many lively discussions about different aspects of music.
—L. Vanderhoek, Toronto, ON

[The Musical Instruments Poster] shows some very valuable insights when you can see all the alignments [of the instrument ranges].
—F. Girdler, Moncton, NB

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