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Item S-115: Chord Progression Chart, PDF Edition. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE.

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See How Chord Progressions and Nashville Numbers Work at a Glance

Just zoom in to see any guitar or piano/keyboard scale in detail; zoom out to see the big picture—exactly like a Google map.

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About the Chord Progression Chart, E-Poster Edition

The Chord Progression Chart, E-Poster Edition, is the electronic version of our large, high-resolution laminated wall poster. This PDF version enables you to see the harmonic scales (chord progressions) and Nashville Numbers for all major and minor keys. on a single screen. It works exactly like a Google map on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can find the chord progression you're looking for in any key without the need to flip through pages or input data.

 •  On a mobile device, using your thumb and fingers, you can zoom out to see the whole poster, or zoom in to see a single chord progression or group of progressions in clear detail.

 •  On a laptop or desktop, you can use a device such as a mouse, keyboard, or touchpad (or your fingers on a touch-sensitive screen) to navigate the chart.

Chord Progression Chart User Guide

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Electronic Poster, High Resolution File Type: PDF File Size: 12 MB Publisher: Roedy Black Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1-897311-02-8
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Electronic Poster, Mobile File Type: PDF File Sizes, Mobile: 1 MB; 2 MB Publisher: Roedy Black Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1-897311-04-2
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Customer Reviews of the Chord Progression Chart

I finally understand what I am doing and how to make good and intelligent chord progression. Of course I will have to learn a few days more, but if you want to know something it's so easy to see on the poster, its amazing!"
—Lorenz Vauck, Germany

I live in Australia and had been asking these questions about chord progs for years ... never any light. Now after checking out the "Harmonic Scales" device I can see this is THE tool for a songwriter.
—John Bliss, Australia

Hey, I've studied theory for awhile but somehow I never learned about the harmonic scale ... Everything emphasized C-Dm-Em-F-G-Am-Bdim, corresponding 7th chords and nothing beyond that. No one explained why many songs for instance incorporated E7, and why it worked. I knew only of Harmonic Minor with the included G#, but nothing of its songwriting use or thinking beyond the minor key.
—W. A., Moore, OK

I really like the Chase chart method. It's very original and very visual. It also focuses on the key center which is very good, I think. By placing non-diatonic chords outside the circle it is very clear to see these chromatic embellishments.
—Alain Benbassat, Belgium

How Music REALLY Works has given me a better understanding about music in general, and the Harmonic Scale/Chase Chart system is a great visual aid in helping me understand song construction.
—Greg Palma, Lynbrook, NY

The concept of a "harmonic scale"...makes a LOT of sense. Which is nice, because there are some days in which music DOESN'T make sense to me, you know? Some of the parts about chord-to-chord movements and how semitone motions relieve tension etc. are really in-depth and really great! ... I'm seeing explanations of harmonic phenomena that I always thought were the case, but was still a little unsure. It's really great to see someone come out and say what you've always suspected. 
—Stedman Wilson, Stanford University, CA