Complete keyboards chords chart in printable ebook format, second edition.

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About the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster in Printable eBook Format, 2nd Edition

The Complete Keyboard Chord Poster in Printable eBook Format, 2nd Edition, is the eBook version of our large, high-resolution watercolor laminated wall poster.

You can print this file on either American letter size paper (8½” by 11”) or ISO A4 paper, then three-hole punch the pages and put them in a small binder to create a print copy of the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster in book form. The pages are arranged such that you can print it either one-sided or two-sided with equally good results.

In this Second Edition:

 •  The chord graphics are sharper and clearer than in the First Edition.

 •  On each chord page, red tabs are located on the borders of the main image that show the page numbers of adjacent sections of the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster, functioning much as they do in a map book or road atlas. These locator tabs are linked to the indicated adjacent pages.

 •  On p. xvi, there is a master Locator Map with links to all 32 sections of the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster. This feature enables you to access any section with a single click or tap.

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E-Book Publisher: Roedy Black Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1-897311-26-4
ISBN-10: 1-897311-26-5
File Type: PDF File Size: 256 MB

Customer Reviews of the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster

I teach piano and organ, and I can tell you, these Roedy Black charts are indispensable ... I use them every day in my teaching, and I urge my students to get their own copies.

—K. Maharaj, Detroit, MI

Intervals used to stump me. Thanks to the [Complete Keyboard Chord] chart, I understand how they pertain to the structure of chords ... Altered chords intrigue me, so I'm working my way through them ... This poster is head and shoulders above any other music reference I've come across.
—Chris W. Lawson, Los Angeles, CA

I'm going through my fake books and transposing the chords to keys I can sing with. I'm usually pretty lazy about musical chores like this, but the [Complete Keyboard Chord] chart makes it so easy!
—Clair Wang, Peterborough, ON

I didn't understand much about inversions till I started using the Complete Keyboard Chord Poster.

—Peter Minish, Tulsa, OK

I've paid a lot of money for chord books, and none of them have half the stuff that this chart has.
—Rick G. Fenske, Winnipeg, MB

Although I'm good at reading music, I still find the keyboard poster really useful. I use it to take shortcuts to find and learn the notes to complicated chords. This is a real treasure ... I had no idea that some of these chords were even possible, but to see the structure of them laid out so clear, that's what I find so good about it.
—Sherry Yates, Saskatoon, SK

Never seen anything like it. I used to look up chords at web sites, but that was always a pain. If you don't happen to be in a room with a computer connected to the web, you're screwed. So this chart is practical. It looks great too, by the way.
—B. Kucheran, Madison, WI

I'm not a musician, but when I saw the Keyboard Chord Poster at a friend's place, I thought it was so beautiful and interesting to look at that I bought one for myself and framed it and put it up in the lobby of our motel. It always draws a crowd!
—Betty Sander, Mississauga, ON

I'm playing chords on the piano [that are] way ahead of what I thought I could play, considering I'm just learning ... It's just a wonderful chart. I'm addicted to it. I like seeing the whole layout at once so I never get lost.
—George Wilson, Swindon, England

The 'rainbow' design, it's beautiful. You don't often see something that's both useful and so beautiful.
—N. L. Critchley, Mansfield, OH

The laminated surface works wonders for me and my students. We use it like a blackboard ... It makes teaching [keyboard] less work and more of a pleasure.
—Julia N. Winkler, Brooklyn, NY

My theory teacher has this chord formula wheel gizmo that I've never liked because I couldn't make heads or tails of it ... The [Keyboard Chord Chart] showed me that chords can be intelligible after all.
—David Nakano, Seattle, WA


This eBook does not require a User Guide, as it is incorporated in the eBook. You can download the free version of the eBook, which includes the User Guide, from this page. This e-Book is a large file (designed for a laptop or desktop computer), so may not open if you're using a mobile device.