Use this Concise Chart to Create Memorable, Attention-grabbing Chord Progressions Visually

Save yourself tons of time: get instant access to all chord progressions on a single smartphone screen—without searching, swiping, tapping, clicking, or entering data.

 •  Just zoom in to see any chord progression in any key, in detail. Zoom out to see the big picture—exactly like a Google map.

 •  Save yourself loads of tedious effort when you want to get creative with chord variations and modulations to other keys.

 •  The Chord Progression Chart displays chord progression dynamics for all major and minor keys on a single screen (PDF version) or wall chart. The Nashville Numbers around the inside of each circle remain constant while the chords around the outside change according to the specific key.

 •  The Chord Progression Chart  is featured in our FREE, PLAIN-ENGLISH GUIDE to Chords and Chord Progressions— Chapter 6 of How Music REALLY Works!, 2nd Edition.



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